Virtual reality solutions in e-commerce

Boost your e-commerce sales, increase customer engagement and take your sales to the next level.

Stay ahead of the competition, gain returning and delighted customers

Many factors contribute to the good functioning of an online store. Their operation is based on a website visible to a potential customer. However, we should keep in mind that its attractive appearance is not everything. How to increase the efficiency of the online store?

  • show the exact appearance of the product from all sides
  • enable customers to configure products that can be personalized
  • use VR e-commerce applications and other tools

The e-commerce market has many purposes – recording as many sales as possible, secondly providing reliable and proven products, and thirdly gathering as many returning customers as possible. You can easily use the opportunities offered by virtual reality solutions and 3D visualizations to achieve goals in your business.

Need an interactive e-commerce solution for your website?

See an example of the product configurator project.

Check how much it can cost and how long the project takes.


Project: leather handbag configurator in the online store
Dimensions: 20 cm wide, 30 cm high, 7.5 cm deep
The number of patterns: 1 bag pattern, dyed natural grain leather, a choice of 6 colors of bodysuits, and lapels. Additionally, the user can choose the color of threads/seams from 6 available options.
Belt: optional long version 120 cm, short version 40 cm
Pocket: placed (sewn) inside the bag, zippered
Configuration options: the user can choose the same color of the bodysuit and lapels, the same color of the stitching, or completely different colors of these elements. The user can configure the handbag online, zoom the product, or rotate 360 ​​degrees.


  • Engine Development
    • Basic UI – Screens: splash, welcome, about, exit
    • Basic scene setup – Scene where the bag will be presented.
    • Bag selector – Panel where the user will have the possibility to select bag type and spawn it
    • Bag editor – Functionality with a panel where the user will have all available option to configure bag (bag and flap color, bag strap length, thread color, additional pocket inside the bag)
    • Bag preview – Possibility to rotate and zoom bag
    • WEB GL SDK Implementation
  • Art Development
    • handbag 3D model, handbag textures
  • The development process includes standard activities listed in the collaboration section.


  • Project duration: 5 weeks
  • Development cost: $10 000 – $13 000
  • The price depends on the number of customizable elements.

Your benefits

+ 63%

more customer engagement

The greater attractiveness of online shopping is also satisfied customers who return shopping.

+ 37%

increase the conversion rate

Through the use of VR tools your e-commerce sales is growing!

+ 35%

shorter sales cycle

Simplify the sales process, reduce returns.

Get customer interest with a virtual shopping experience

“Customers buy through the eyes.” Especially nowadays, when they are bombarded with ads from all directions, it is difficult to break through and stand out from the competition. By immersing them in the world of virtual shopping you have the opportunity to offer something completely new. Move them to selected places – let them feel, touch, and check your products.

We have completed many projects for e-commerce – from extensive applications for virtual purchases in a realistic environment to sales supporting tools such as 3D configurators or hyper-realistic visualizations for websites. With our experience, you can increase the conversion rate in your online store by up to 37%.

Benefits of using the VR solutions for e-commerce in your company

  • You give customers the opportunity to configure personalized products thanks to the quick and easy to use 3D configurator tool on the website of your online store.
  • The customer can see the appearance of the product from all sides thanks to 3D visualizations, 360 degrees rotation and can be sure of the purchase.
  • You can also use the VR application that makes shopping for customers easier and more enjoyable.
  • The number of complaints and returns is significantly reduced.
  • Your online store is more attractive, so that you attract loyal customers. 
  • You are ahead of your competitors and similar online stores.
  • You reduce costs because you no longer have to prepare printed materials.

Experience a smooth collaboration with our simple process

  • Over the years, 4Experience has developed a methodology for cooperation with clients, which is adapted to individual projects depending on the company’s needs. We begin with a business analysis to thoroughly understand the concept & objectives of the project. Once we do it, we share our thoughts and experience with you. Together we’ll shape your idea into something more.

  • We will map the flow of the app and build the prototype with key aspects to validate the concept with end-users and investors.

  • Using Agile methodology we will be incrementally released you another pieces of the app to test it and make improvements base on your suggestions. Our concept is to deliver the best quality possible. Every application made by 4Experience’s team is carefully tested on each stage of development by an experienced QA tester. As a result, we can assure you that our applications meet the highest quality standards.

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