Creative Union is a South Florida based design studio dedicated to strengthening a brand’s awareness by producing compelling visuals that engage and unite. They work collectively to deliver a conclusive narrative by building trust and understanding of their client’s initiatives. 


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Showcase the best of what premium brands offer

The aim of the VR maps project was to create a platform where clients such as Bentley or some other sophisticated brand can create customer space / customer service points / showrooms in VR, in order to invite visitors to their space and introduce the brand and the company to them.

This was our most ambitious project – the client wanted us to develop a Second Life-like app for VR, which would offer the possibility of purchasing and customizing office space. The VR maps app was to allow customers to move their business to virtual space. Another challenge was to let users view and buy the client’s products directly in the app, as well as get involved in social events and run them.

Process and project scope

Mapping the complexities

Business value

Virtual worlds of marketing stored in the cloud

Without a doubt, it is an application that taps into the potential of new technologies in the marketing and sales context. It allows users to freely configure their experiences (also at the application level) and creates a unique space for clients. In addition, it allows them to interact with their customers through virtual showrooms, in which real products are presented and can be bought for real money.

Over time, such virtual commercial spaces or experiences may become as popular as cloud data storage, the difference being that the cloud would now contain countless virtual worlds, in which we are going to travel and carry out real transactions.

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