It must be a wonderful feeling. You are standing in the middle of emptiness. You look around. Nothing. Why not create a surface? Maybe the sun? I remember the opening phrase of “The Divine Julius” by Boheński: “Would anyone of you like to become a god?” It fits here like a glove!

When several years ago, someone wanted to make a game, he had multiple problems to solve and he had to have special skills. Now, with programs and intuitive tools, such work is much easier. An interesting game or application can be created by anyone who mastered the basic functions of special tools. Yes, a number of amazing applications have been created by people with an incredible imagination, but without technical skills. And now you can model 3d objects that are in front of you, not on a flat computer screen, but right in front of you – in three-dimensional space. It looks at least easier.

Creating the world while being in the center of the experience, which is unique and divine is an unforgettable experience. At this moment, the creators of the Unreal Engine and Unity 3D  boast that they provide such opportunities. Therefore, changing not only the way the consumption of products: we put VR goggles on and experience something new. It changes the way we create because it is based on immersion in the virtual world. It is like designing a daydream – it is even difficult to find a meaningful comparison. It seems to me that with this option, it will be easier to control the creators of space and scale objects placed in it. It will be easier to verify ideas and solutions. It may be easier to experiment too … time shall provide the answer.

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