What is worth knowing about Virtual Reality

Of course, it is difficult to be objective, often impossible. We try to be up to date with the issues that directly affect our work, or our interests … and what about the rest of the world?

Who has not heard about virtual reality yet? Who has not noticed this technological revolution, this craze? The amazing possibilities have already been used by publishers, journalists, doctors, therapists, retailers, textile, cosmetics, tourism, and entertainment industry. Is it possible that someone may have not heard about that?  

Well, the answer may surprise you

A study by Horizon Media shows that 70% of the population of the US have no idea about  Virtual Reality technologies (VR). 70%!!! Even if we consider that virtual reality is promoted by Google, Facebook, Samsung, HTC, Apple, and many other famous companies, this number seems incredibly high. What’s more, only 10% of that 30% who have heard about the new technology, is interested in getting one of VR products. How many will decide to buy VR glasses or try them in a casual way? We do not know … we do not know.

This shows, in fact, a few things.

  1. Nowadays, it is not enough to be a giant in the IT industry to reach the majority of the population. Even if we take into account such developed countries as the United States. Everything takes time and requires work of both, the users and the developers.
  2. A large part of consumers does not know what is going to happen in a while; In which way the world is heading, and what technological innovations are appearing on the market. That is too bad because at least some of them could improve greatly the quality of their lives.
  3. Not only consumers but also many companies are not aware of the fact that VR foreshadows a great technological development and it is worth preparing ourselves for that breakthrough. If some customers and companies do not dare to try the innovative tools themselves, they should not ignore the fact that they do exist.

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