A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.

Rosalynn Carter

2016 the year of transformation

At Consumer Electronics Show 2016 that has just finished in Las Vegas, Felix Heck (Head of Office at Samsung Design Europe) talked about the upcoming great change: the inevitable symbiosis of the real world and the virtual world that is blurring the boundaries between digital and physical environments. What is important – all in the spirit of optimism.

That’s why the change of consciousness is regarded as a force for positive social change. Therefore, no matter what exactly leaders of VR technology are preparing for us, just this single change in the way of thinking of people, who directly or indirectly deal with innovative solutions in business or modern entertainment, – is going to be the biggest breakthrough.

Will it be 2016 when virtual reality technology enters the mainstream?

It is difficult to give a definite answer. But the fact that the largest companies in this sector are investing billions of dollars in their vision may mean that it is a matter of the near future. Zuckenberg says, “that’s just the beginning.” After VR games, which will soon revolutionize the entertainment industry through a deep and involving experience, there will be time for products that make it possible to visit every known (and imaginary) place and those that will allow us to experience our reality more intensely. How is this possible?

Just look at the VR documentary published by The New York Times “The Displaced,” where you can have a close look at the lives of children in the war zones. Furthermore, the breakthrough will also be in social media services. We will be able to meet in a classroom with other “students” who want to listen to an interesting lecture at the university; we will be able to watch freely the most exciting sporting events from the first rows or meet in a cafe with a friend who is far away – just put on the VR goggles.

It seems unlikely to overestimate the impact that VR products will have on the various branches of business as they are completely new tools and services. Many companies have already included in their offer products from that area. The others will have to have them to maintain the competitiveness of their services. Regardless of whether we are talking about education or training, film or music, sports or games – in the coming months the real world and the virtual one will come closer to each other, and the man is going to be in the middle of this symbiosis.

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