Event VR App

Event VR is a custom branded app for:

  • 3d product showrooms

  • engaging interactive trivia games

Attract clients in a brand new exciting way and boost booth engagement during events such as trade shows.

Popular applications

Events for sponsors

Promote your brand by engaging potential clients to participate in a simple benefit activities

Fair booth presentations

Show how your product looks and works in a virtual remote environment


Let the visitor experience your creative vision of your art or what is yet to come

Product showrooms

Let your client add a personal touch to your product by quickly customising it in VR

Dealer support

Save time & material by supporting your sales staff with VR solution

Content type

photorealistic product or architecture scans

3d models & animations

engaging trivia games

Solution type

360 Video Spherical Player

In the simplest form we provide you an app that you can easily configure and play 360 video or slideshow or tour on your device.

Oculus VR Showroom

With more advanced option you are able to use the same application type with you Oculus Rift or HTC Vive headset connected to your PC.

Virtual Reality Player

For most demanding uses we are able to provide an interactive experience that will support your or your clients brand.

Supported Platforms

Oculus Rift

or any other HMD connected to your PC like HTC Vive or OSVR

Samsung Gear VR

the first Smartphone based googles that introduced custom orientation sensors (Gyroscope & Accelerometer)

Google Cardboard

or any other googles that enable the user to experience immersive 3D content on a Smartphone.


Main features

  • online & offline content support
  • auto restart (for Gear VR based campaigns)
  • build in menus (interactive content exploration) or external configuration app (single experience)

Distribution / Publication

  • through Oculus Store, Apple Store, Google Play
  • or unpublished delivered exclusively for a specific device

Specific Gear VR features

  • app cannot be exited
  • auto restart experience when the headset is taken off
  • app automatically loads straight into the user experience (no need to press buttons to start)

Realisation time

  • simple build in 48h
  • advanced build within a weeks time

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