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High-risk occupations



3D modeling

VR training simulator


HTC Vive

Samsung Gear VR

Unity 3D

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Business value

See the dangers in safe conditions

A realistic way of familiarizing a potential worker with the possible dangers that are part and parcel of working at heights, at the top of a skyscraper at the phase of its construction. The VR job training app is the perfect complement to traditional training.

Benefits of the training

  • Makes it possible for building staff to avoid potentially hazardous situations that might occur while working at heights.
  • Provides an efficient training tool for the staff working at the building site.
  • Realism. The application raises awareness of workers who might be exposed to risks and thus, it makes them more concerned about their safety.


Training for high-risk occupations

The client wanted to show what work in extreme conditions looks like by implementing the VR job training simulation. It also serves the purpose of dealing with and consequently, avoiding possible dangers through promoting and teaching the appropriate behavior of people working at the top of a high-rise building under construction.

The client wanted the application to work on Samsung Gear VR devices and could be an interesting addition to the training.


Process and project scope



The environment is set on top of an incomplete construction of a skyscraper. We are able to walk in this area. Our main goal is to pick up three tools and place them on a safety table. Once we manage to do that, the simulation task is completed. If we do not secure ourselves properly and approach the edge of the building, we can fall from a great height.


We created a tall skyscraper that is under construction, with metal scaffoldings around…. The presented VR training app simulates the various aspects of such a hazardous job.

Let us imagine the acrophobic experience of being at the top of a high-rise building at the phase of its construction. Obviously, we can move freely all over the place but we also have to perform certain necessary actions such as putting the tools back to their rightful place.

We are supposed to be particularly careful while walking along the scaffolding lest we fall down, therefore it is crucial to have a safety cord attached at all times.


This project was suited for Scrum. We worked in weekly sprints, presenting subsequent versions of the product running every Thursday. On Friday we planned another sprint based on the customer’s comments. This model of work worked perfectly and in a short time, the customer had his own VR job training simulation.


VR job training app developed by our AR/VR Studio aims at limiting the risks of working at heights, by providing a training tool for those involved in the construction of high-rise architectural objects.

It goes without saying that working at heights must be always considered a high-risk occupation, not to mention, a really stressful one.

Technology stack

This application was created for Samsung GearVR device in Unity 3D. We used Maya, Zbrush and 3ds max.

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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