VR job training: working on heights

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high-risk occupations



3D modeling

VR training simulator


HTC Vive / Samsung Gear VR

Unity 3D

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Business value

See the dangers in a safe conditions

A realistic way of familiarizing a potential worker with the possible dangers that are part and parcel of working at heights, at the top of a skyscraper at the phase of its construction. The VR job training app is the perfect complement to traditional training.


Benefits of the training

  • Makes it possible for a building staff to avoid potential emergency situations that might occur while working at heights during the construction of a skyscraper,

  • Provides the efficient training tool for the staff working at the complex building site,

  • Being realistic, the application raises awareness of workers who might be exposed to risks and thus, it makes them get more concerned about their safety.


Training for high-risk occupations

Client wanted to show how the work in extreme conditions looks like by implementing the VR job training simulation. Yet, perhaps, even more, it serves the purpose of dealing with and consequently, avoiding possible dangers through promoting and teaching the appropriate behavior of a worker involved into actions at the top of a high-rise building being under construction. The client wanted the application to work on Samsung Gear VR devices and could be an interesting addition to the training.

Process and project scope

Training tool for construction

Technology stack
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