THE LAST STAND: VR zombie game

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VR shooter game


HTC Vive

Unity 3D

Visual results video

Trick or treat?

The customer wanted to develop an event app for Halloween. The VR zombie game was supposed to run on HTC Vive and the player should use pads as weapons. The player should be able to choose from several weapons available and defeat various opponents. And one more thing, it’s for Halloween night so it should be scary.

Process and project scope

Being Abraham Van Helsing

Business value

Getting the adrenaline flowing

Each of us needs a sufficient amount of time to fully enter into the virtual reality. To immerse. But in a situation where you need a lot of adrenaline – immersion is almost instantaneous. Therefore, such proposals like ‘VR zombie game’ are ideal for event applications. Perfect for corporate events and team-building events.

Here we have Halloween, but it can be applied to completely different events. Development is short and the effects are very cool.

Technology stack

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