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VR shooter game


HTC Vive

Unity 3D

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Business value

Getting the adrenaline flowing

Each of us needs a sufficient amount of time to fully enter into the virtual reality. To immerse. But in a situation where you need a lot of adrenaline – immersion is almost instantaneous. Therefore, attractions like this VR zombie game are ideal for event applications. Perfect for corporate and team-building events.


Trick or treat?

The customer wanted to develop an event app for Halloween. The VR zombie game had to run on HTC Vive and the player was supposed to use pads as weapons. Several different weapons and a variety of opponents should be available. Additionally, the game was created for Halloween so it had to be scary.


Process and project scope



We designed a spooky environment and we put the player in a metal container. The player gets a few seconds to get acquainted with the mechanics of the game. After a moment, the walls of the container fall off and the first zombies appear. In the background, we hear disturbing sounds (crying children, cathedral bells, and so on) and there are more and more enemies approaching… All the player has to do is choose the right weapon, avoid the missiles and defeat as many enemies as possible.


We used agile management methods. The product backlog was not complicated, but it was very dynamic. Many interesting ideas appeared during the development and the customer was happy to check them.


We have already cooperated with the client many times. In addition, it is a client from the IT industry, so we have similar communication standards and proven software development models.

Undoubtedly, the client’s strength is their commitment to the entire process and high responsiveness. A lot of decisions were left to the development team which was also helpful. We created this VR zombie game on a partnership basis, sharing ideas and remarks. The idea was to create an interesting and engaging product that would provide the right amount of entertainment and adrenaline.


As the game was supposed to be only an event app we aimed for something not too complicated. The player had to know the VR zombie game rules by default and have a fun time competing with their friends.

Technology stack

In your head, in your head… zombie…

The application was prepared to be run on HTC Vive devices. The software was developed using Unity 3D. Additional graphic elements were prepared in 3ds Max.

Tech stack for VR/AR project at 4Experience

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