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Cromwell (formerly Valad) is a company dealing with global investment management. They are owners and managers of commercial real estate. The company also acts as an investor in the real estate market. Having operated in Central Europe since 2004, Cromwell manages facilities leased by 647 tenants.




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Building the VR experience

Nowadays, when we talk about looking at a draft of our dream house or apartment, we mean examining the architectural sketch, concept, perspective plan, some calculations of metric area, etc. However, VR technology gives us something more; it shows us possibilities that previously were within the scope of our imagination only. For example, it allows us to enter a building and stroll through the rooms; and at the same time, look through the windows and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. This total immersion is the experience of something that does not yet exist.

Nonetheless, with VR visualization, you can forget about that and watch shadows on the wall at a certain time of the day or year, or find the best place for your favorite picture. You can SEE the real image of what is still in your mind.

Thanks to VR, we get the opportunity to:

  • Show an object that still exists only as a project & visit it from a first-person perspective

  • Optimize space for user experience & Make changes to the 3D model at a relatively low cost

  • Customize architectural details, colors and other elements. Similarly, there is also the possibility of changing weather conditions and their impact on the appearance of the object.


Enhance investment with VR

The client wanted to develop a simulation (VR visualization) for one of their investment projects: corridors, one shopping centre level, an underground car park and land development around the investment. Of course, we were required to make all of that possible to see and “visit” in virtual reality.

Process and project scope

Bridging the gap between the project and the product – total immersion

Technology stack
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