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The client comes from Singapore. They are promoters of innovative technologies and designs, and they popularize solutions in the realms of VR and AR. The client takes particular interest in training and safety - that's why they VR training simulator that teaches how to close and secure valves of complex industrial equipment




Innovative technologies


VR training simulator

3ds Max


HTC Vive

Unity 3D

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Business value

Providing VR-based convenience and tightening up on safety

VR training applications are a great convenience in the context of specialist training. They can be used at any time, anywhere, and it is possible to repeat the training many times. This, in turn, means big savings for the client.

In addition, performing activities in VR in a logical and correct way, in accordance with the instructions, allows users to develop good habits with regard to duplicating the activities in real-life conditions. It is also easy to guess that in the case of traditional training we would not be able to simulate an explosion which may be the result of negligence in following the procedures. However, there are no such restrictions in the virtual world of the application.

The employees will thus be able to better understand the consequences of erroneous activities that can put in danger not only their own lives, but also the lives of other people around them.


Make the work flow easily and prevent dangerous situations

The client needed a VR training simulator that would clearly show and teach their employees what the work of securing valves for specific industrial equipment should look like.

In addition, VR training was to show dangerous situations that can happen when we skip or neglect some important activity. The client wanted the app’s environment not to be too distracting – it was to contain only the most important elements, specific to the workplace described by the client.

Another request was that there should be appropriate badges and safety equipment on the table, and that the app should verify whether a given person knows the order in which to close and secure the valves of the device in order to avoid an accident (explosion).

Process and project scope

VR training simulator: Focusing on the essentials

Technology stack

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