The EOD Centre of Excellence is one of the tools of the NATO Supreme Allied Commander for Transformation aiming to improve the military capabilities, value and efficiency of the NATO alliance. It was established by Slovakia as the Framework Nation with the support of five Sponsoring Nations (CZE, HUN, POL and ROU).

NATO Center of Excellence EOD






3D Modeling
VR Training


Unity 3D

Meta Quest 2



The possibility of learning and making mistakes in a safe environment provides safety in the field.

EOD instructors need safe as well as modern ways to train and examine the knowledge of EOD operators-in-training of Explosive Ordnance Disposal. Any tiny mistake while manipulating explosive ordnance may be costly and even fatal; thus, there is great value in allowing soldiers to experiment in a safe, virtual environment. The endless options of Virtual Reality enhance the decision-making process as well as critical thinking, which is crucial for EOD operators.

As standards and procedures of NATO countries may vary, the application needs to be generic enough in some ways to satisfy each member state’s demands by providing a broad spectrum of possibilities and options inside the software without omitting the reliability of pre-set data.

We proudly support the EOD Center of Excellence in this training mission by developing VR training software tailored to their needs.


The gameplay is divided into two applications here: one for PC and one for VR.

In the PC application, the user (trainer) is responsible for setting and changing the state of unexploded ordnance according to what they believe should happen based on the actions they take. Each state change occurs when the player presses the “update state” button.

In the VR application, the trainee’s task is to safely neutralize unexploded ordnance to ensure the safety of themselves and the surrounding environment. They have various tools at their disposal that produce different effects for this purpose.


Technology stack

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

This training platform was created for the Meta Quest 2 headset.  The software also includes a PC standalone app for trainers. 

The technologies and tools we used for development include the Unity engine, C#, OculusXR SDK and XR Interactions Tool.

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