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VRAR school was founded to introduce solutions and applications from the areas of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality to the secondary school education system. Because of their many years of experience in the education sector, it is planned to implement technological solutions in the largest possible area.


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How does physics work?

The client wanted to design a VR teaching app thanks to which he would be able to show the operation of physical laws in virtual reality. In this case Newton’s laws.

The superiority of the lessons presented through virtual reality lies in the fact that we can refer to examples we do not experience in real life. In virtual reality, however, this is possible. So, the most Important element of this application was supposed to be visual representations of acting laws of physics.

The idea was that the student could understand the operation and presence of these laws on examples of life and participate in them as a witness – everything takes place in virtual reality.

Process and project scope

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Business value

Support for the education

Virtual reality is an excellent tool to support education. Thanks to innovative solutions and very attractive form, the lessons are interesting to students and are passed in memory. Checking the laws of physics, testing of complex rules or conducting experiments take place in a safe space, it can be performed at any time or repeated any number of times.

These VR tools are not to replace the traditional education, but to improve it. Optimization of VR teaching, flexibility, interactivity, engagement, imaging – this is something you do not meet in most schools, at least in our reality. It is just another remarkable example of the application of virtual reality to improve our knowledge and skills.

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