VR ski jumping

Arcade game – ski jump simulation in virtual reality. The client's requirement was to create a simple VR ski jump application that would evoke strong emotions for the user. Our responsibility here was to find the best solution for the client's needs. Without unnecessary elements, just height, jumps and emotions.




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Maya zBrush


Samsung Gear VR

Google Cardboard

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VR ski jump game

The client needed a simple and fun VR ski jump application that could be a perfect complement to his stand during industry events or fairs, where she presented her equipment.

The key was to trigger positive associations with the brand and to encourage the client to stay longer at the stand. It was also supposed to be a way to stand out from the competition.

In addition, VR training was to show dangerous situations that can happen when we skip or neglect some important activity. The client wanted the app’s environment not to be too distracting – it was to contain only the most important elements, specific to the workplace described by the client. 

Process and project scope

Experience in the field of VR and e-commerce

Unlike any other medium, VR is suitable for building really strong emotions. Our duty here was to find the best solution for the client's needs, both in terms of the best equipment and the proposal of the application itself.

Business value

We showed the client several applications that were able to induce in the user very similar, strong emotions. The height was of particular interest. We used to design the game of ski jumping VR, in which the most interesting elements appear - height, flight, competition and ski theme. And, in short, all that is best.

Technology stack

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