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VR ping pong app: practice your skills!

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How to fit a three-meter robot in your pocket?

The ping-pong robot is a part of Omron’s Automation Lab. Literally – a big part of it. Although it is very effective to see it presented on a trade show, the size of the device makes it impossible to take it everywhere.

The question was how to replace that high-end technology device with something that would be at least as effective as the robot, but way more portable. The answer was simple: use virtual reality based on high-end technology, but one that appears to be more flexible.

In short words, our goal was to create outstanding VR ping pong app!

Process and project scope

Something new

Business value

Virtual reality makes for a lasting impression in the real world

The effect of the work was to be shown at the Automaticon trade fair. The implementation included creation of a factory space with a robot playing ping-pong. In addition, screens displaying a promotional film prepared in 2D technology were placed on the walls of the factory.

The VR ping pong app makes an excellent attraction for trade shows and other events, wherever the client wants to make a great impression and be well remembered. When equipped with the app, anyone can interact with an innovative machine (ping-pong robot + virtual reality goggles), while doing it in a very interesting way. Thus, the company shows its innovative approach at numerous levels at the same time. With the help of the VR application.

it is possible to:

  • Reduce the cost of transportation

  • Provide an easy way of sharing the experience and make memorable medium

  • Ensure a positive impact on the company’s image

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