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How to fit a three-meter robot in your pocket?

The ping-pong robot is a part of Omron’s Automation Lab. Literally – a big part of it. Although it is very effective to see it presented on a trade show, the size of the device makes it impossible to take it everywhere.

The question was how to replace that high-end technology device with something that would be at least as effective as the robot, but way more portable. The answer was simple: use virtual reality based on high-end technology, but one that appears to be more flexible.

In short words, our goal was to create outstanding VR ping pong app!

Process and project scope


After putting on their VR glasses, users find themselves in a big hall where a robot is waiting for them. In accordance with the client’s requirements, the virtualized robot reacts in exactly the same way as the real one does – playing ping-pong with a human. All functions were meticulously programmed in order to allow users to experience the game as if it was a real-life activity.


Work on the VR ping pong app took less than two months. First, we had to study the documentation suitable for the device in order to precisely translate the characteristics and capabilities of the ping-pong robot into the virtual world.

The dimensions of the device were also important, so as to allow the user to see the virtualized device presented to an appropriate scale. The entire process actually consisted of making a digital incarnation of the real machine.


From the very beginning, the client wanted to try something new. They had specific needs and were looking for a technology that would enable them to achieve their goal. Virtual reality and its capabilities offered everything the client expected.

Our cooperation was very smooth. There were no problems with access to information, which helped us a lot during the development stage. The work was planned in such a way that the client received a finished and tested product for the event during which the VR ping pong app was to be presented.


Business value

Virtual reality makes for a lasting impression in the real world

The effect of the work was to be shown at the Automaticon trade fair. The implementation included creation of a factory space with a robot playing ping-pong. In addition, screens displaying a promotional film prepared in 2D technology were placed on the walls of the factory.

The VR ping pong app makes an excellent attraction for trade shows and other events, wherever our client wants to make a great impression and be well remembered. When equipped with the app, anyone can interact with an innovative machine (ping-pong robot + virtual reality goggles), while doing it in a very interesting way. Thus, the company shows its innovative approach at numerous levels at the same time.

The VR app has a number of benefits, including:

  • reducing the cost of transportation
  • providing an easy way of sharing the experience and make memorable medium
  • ensuring a positive impact on the company’s image

Technology stack

An interactive and controllable software solution

The application was created in Unity 3D and designed for use on HTC Vive devices. Not only was it important to provide users with a vast array of movement options, but also to interact with the robot and use controllers to the fullest extent possible. All the graphics were done in 3ds Max.

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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