Revolution in home design and interior decoration

The client is a developer from UK who invests in modern mansion flats. They want to pre-sell as many flats as possible, as soon as possible. They have noticed that with the use of virtual reality tour they can accelerate the process - VR interior presentation is now a hot topic in housing market




Interior decoration

Real estate


3D modeling

Virtual tour


Oculus Rift

Unreal Engine


Impress the home buyer with stunning visuals

The challenge was to create a photo-realistic, interactive visualization of interior designed especially for virtual reality but also showing our capabilities in the field of graphic design. VR interior should be highly-detailed and aesthetically pleasing to the customer's eyes. 

It this case we aim a combination of spatial presentation with real-time configuration possibility.

The software solution was aimed to resolve challenges related to:

  • expensive home decoration services for the purpose of selling the property

  • being able to modify the look and feel of the interior on the fly based on the buyer's feedback

  • make the purchase decision even for a property located in a different city or country

Process and project scope

Improved customer satisfaction with hands on experience in VR

Business value

New way of the presentation

Thanks to the presented application, which uses only the basic advantages of VR, the customer has radically changed the way in which he presents the client with visualization. It is worth adding that it happens virtually without loss of quality – the presented objects still have photorealistic quality. In addition, it is possible to view everything from the perspective of the first person rather than looking at the computer screen. Certainly, expanding the offer with such solutions will be a desirable element for some, especially in the context of more demanding clients.

Key highlights of the service delivered

  • A piece of graphic works, showing our capabilities and quality that we are able to achieve in the context of creating optimized 3d objects for VR

  • 3D modeling as a proof of concept, also in the context of creating video from visualization

  • Visualization of the real room as a reference of skills

Technology stack

Amazing technology stack

The VR interior application was created using Unreal Engine. Architectural elements were created in 3DS Max, and graphic details were refined in Photoshop. We employed 3D modeling and simulations based on original plans, complete with interior design and a virtual walk feature.

Visual results gallery
Visual results video

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