VIESSMANN VR: The problem of smog

Viessmann is one of the leading manufacturers of heating systems, intended for both industrial and home purposes. It focuses on the efficient use of energy, costs reduction and low-emission supply of energy. The company also emphasizes its involvement in ecological issues by approaching environmental concerns as its priority - teaching its clients through VR house safety app how to keep their families warm and safe.





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Samsung Gear VR

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Business value

Positive corporate image combined with the ultimate social usefulness

The application we created allowed the client to build a positive image of the organization, while drawing people’s attention to problems that we often do not fully realize. It teaches us a proper response to threats through a fun and engaging experience.

In addition to the unquestionable advantage of ensuring the safety of users of domestic heating devices, an additional asset of the application is that it increases public awareness of the causes of smog formation. The application draws users' attention to the fact that improper use of domestic heating devices is one of the most important reasons for the current situation in which air quality standards are repeatedly exceeded, especially in winter.

In this way, not only does the app provide invaluable knowledge and promotes good practice, but it also increases social and environmental awareness among people. And this is something no money can buy.

The main areas in which the app excels include:

  • Getting to know the potential dangers of heating devices installed in our homes.
  • Taking appropriate actions in emergency situations.
  • Navigating through an interactive space, with clearly named and illustrated hazardous situations and suspicious symptoms, together with the possible solutions to them.

Safety first

The client asked us to develop a VR house safety app that would let users navigate through a modeled 3D environment in which they were to undertake various actions aimed at familiarizing themselves with the basic safety rules concerning the use of domestic heating devices.

Process and project scope

An engaging approach to very serious matters

Technology Stack

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