How to Put Out a Fire: VR fire extinguisher training

BHP Omega is operating in the field of occupational health and safety, as well as fire protection of facilities. Their customized training programs are adapted to the activity of a specific company and the nature of employees' work - taking into account the number of employees and the type of threats present. The asked us to help them create a VR fire extinguisher training.


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VR fire extinguisher training: we bring the (controlled) fire to you

Watching an hour-long video or providing a classroom demonstration is no substitute for seeing a fire, reaching for an extinguisher, pulling the pin, and squeezing the trigger. Hands-on training not only builds confidence, but it also breaks down overconfidence.

Thanks to the VR fire extinguisher training it is possible to all trainees to extinguish the fire and provide them with opportunities to refine their technique and retry if they fail.

Fully customized scenario empowers trainees to feel more confident in identifying sources of fire within the building as well as help them to decide how to deal with (real) fire situations.

What’s more, the training can be modified based on the different roles in the company, making it possible to implement several fire outbreak scenarios, including most common threats specific employees might face.


Leave no room for error

Having fire extinguishers in a building will not improve its fire safety unless occupants are trained to properly use them. The point is, a piece of equipment is only as useful as the person operating it.

Every person should be also aware of the consequences of not holding the extinguisher correctly; he or she may hurt themselves or have a problem putting the fire out. There is a serious risk here: using the wrong extinguisher on a fire can cause the fire to spread or even become larger.

Therefore, it is imperative that employees undergo appropriate fire extinguisher training specifically designed for the building they are in. In most cases, small fires can be extinguished before the activation of automatic sprinkler systems, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in clean up and lost revenue.

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To create the presented application, we used the Unity Engine. The VR fire extinguisher training works on Oculus Quest but can also be customized for any other VR headset.

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