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Clothing Industry


VR fashion app

360 video


Samsung Gear VR

Unity 3D



Transfer fashion and clothing know-how to VR for good measure

The assumption of the project was to present innovative solutions that appear in the clothing industry. As consumers, we often do not realize that technology is also developing in a very dynamic way in areas such as the fabrics manufacturing process or clothing production.

It often happens that people who want to get involved in these realms are unaware of the latest trends and do not have knowledge about the new opportunities they could seize.

The client wanted us to create a VR fashion application that would familiarize users with all the pieces of information that could help them better understand the intricacies of the clothing industry.

Process and project scope


After a short introduction, the user is taken to a tailor’s studio. He or she is now surrounded by many elements that prove useful in the work of a designer or tailor. Interactive elements appear on a large screen. It is there that the user can read some important information on the topic of clothing or go to the quiz. This is precisely what modern teaching should look like.


The alphabet of fashion is changing very rapidly. Clothing designers focus on the design or usefulness of clothing, which is possible thanks to innovations in the clothing industry. New trends in the production of materials and semi-finished products, nanotechnology, and smart clothing – these are just some of the areas that are currently revolutionizing the industry.

Apart from that, new professions and specializations keep appearing as well. In order to stay up to date, we created a highly immersive VR fashion course.


Because this project was fundamentally a training application, the most important parts were transferring the knowledge and the app being ease of use. That is why we decided to employ a rather traditional form combined with a knowledge quiz.

The client requested that a positive test result should give the user a reward. Therefore, at the end of the VR fashion course, we placed a 360 movie, which was recorded during a fashion show.


Business value

Mission accomplished

The final product is a cutting-edge VR fashion application consistent with the client’s mission. The application has an educational value and promotes the client’s activities through innovative products.

Technology stack

Geared to be in vogue

The VR fashion application described above was to be portable, which is why we designed it for Samsung Gear VR devices. The ability and ease of user interaction with the app were also important, which was the reason we gave up Google Cardboard. The application was developed in Unity 3D and additional props were created in Maya.


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