VR event App: Archer

This was 4Experience’s in-house production. Thanks to this project, we were able to let our imagination run wild, at the same time creating a metaphor for one of the most important principles of our business, which is to always hit the mark as regards needs and expectations.








VR enevt app


Google Cardboard

Unity 3D

Visual results video
Business value

Hitting the bull's-eye

The application has had a significant contribution to the creation of our knowledge base. It also makes it possible to demonstrate to a potential client the various possibilities that the VR technology offers. For developers, it is an important step in self-development and teaches them the agile approach to work on projects.


Way for the future projects

Creating VR event apps and testing interesting solutions offered by virtual reality is an important element of building a knowledge base and know-how for future projects. We wanted to create a dynamic multiplatform game and application.

This is one of our first projects that have been created for VR devices. We decided that a shooting competition in VR would be a great opportunity to test the possibilities offered by virtual reality in the first phase of its development. It was not only about the gameplay itself, but also about the ways of building the immersion and proper design of the UI and UX.

We also tested the performance of devices and solved typical problems that appeared during development, such as navigation, control or problems with the labyrinth.

Process and project scope

On target

Technology stack

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