The VR escape room does not have as many restrictions as such rooms in the real world. Game, puzzle-solving, fun, learning history and more! The application has been prepared for mobile devices. Furthermore, users can move freely around the whole area.

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Business value

Escape to virtual reality

The example above perfectly demonstrates that VR applications are able to replace much traditional training and entertainment while transferring them to a whole new level. Escape Room in virtual reality is something completely unique. We are able to implement any scenario, in any scenery, for any number of people. This gives you unlimited opportunities to play for a group that wants to solve a story.

The client’s expectations:

  • There is a huge number of fans of escape rooms who love riddles and they will certainly want to face this interesting challenge.
  • A product that is able to earn on itself in a short time thanks to the possibility of selling through various popular platforms.
  • The status of an innovator in the industry, which has so far been associated with the creation of real escape rooms, with real props.


The new vision of escape rooms

An escape room is a new idea for playing with friends. The game’s goal is to get out of a locked room by searching and solving puzzles. In this way, we also get to know the history in which we participate.

A typical escape room takes place in real space and has many limitations. But VR escape rooms allow you to use this idea and create all the extra things that are not possible in real life.


Process and project scope



The client knows how to create a captivating plot with puzzles and twists very well. He knows how to design a game so that it does not cause frustration, and that it is not easy.

Creating the VR room escape experience was great fun for us. The communication was very good so ideas for new elements and props often appeared. We chose what best suited this particular VR experience. We proposed a graphic design that appealed to the client and we started work.


The application was prepared for mobile devices (eg Samsung GearVR). We were very satisfied with the quality of the graphics, which we then had to adapt to mobile devices.

A VR evacuation scenario with puzzles was implemented, and the game itself was planned for one player. We can move freely around the whole area, and navigation is very simple.


We had a great backlog, so the most important part of the job was testing puzzles in VR. Sometimes, what looks good on paper and in theory, may turn out to be completely impractical in virtual reality applications.

That’s why our graphic designers and programmers have been working on areas where puzzles arise in order to regularly test all of them. Of course, we worked in time periods, in accordance with the principles of Scrum.


VR is a technology that allows you to create a game atmosphere. If we add intuitive navigation to it – the whole experience will work perfectly well.

Technology stack

Transfering classical entertainment to VR

To prepare the room escape in VR, we used the Unity 3D engine and several graphic programs. Among them were Maya, 3ds max and ZBrush.


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