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The new vision of escape rooms

Escape room is a new idea for playing with friends. The game is to get out of a locked room by searching and solving puzzles. In this way, we also get to know the history in which we participate.

A typical Escape room takes place in real space and has many limitations … but VR escape room allows you to use this idea and create all the extra things that are not possible in real life.

That was the challenge that the client set us to – create an VR escape room. It was not supposed to be a literal room, but the entire manor, with the right climate, graphics and interesting history.

Process and project scope

VR escape room experience

Business value

Escaping to virtual reality

The above example perfectly demonstrates that VR applications are able to replace a lot of traditional training and entertainment. They raise them to a completely different level. The Escape Room game is something completely special in VR. We are able to implement any scenario, in any scenery, for an oval number of people. It gives you unlimited play options for a group that wants to solve a story.

What the customer is expecting:

  • A huge number of Escape Room fans will definitely want to face an interesting challenge. They love puzzles. A new medium that will definitely attract attention.

  • A product that is able to earn on itself in a short time. The possibility of selling the solution through various popular platforms.

  • The status of an innovator in the industry, which was associated with real rooms and props.

Technology stack

Amazing technology stack

To prepare the VR escape room, we used the Unity 3d engine and several graphics programs. Among others Maya, 3ds max, ZBrush

Visual results gallery

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