Our client wishes to prepare students for a digital future by delivering high-quality content that not only provides knowledge but also raises their competence. He utilizes the latest VR and AR technology to make the classes more engaging, immersive, and interesting for students. That’s why he invited us to cooperate with his newest project, combining VR and education.

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VR education app


Nibiru, Oculus Go

Unity 3D

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Business value

Spend less time, but learn more – enjoy the benefits of a VR classroom

Imagine you can observe the whole solar system with your own eyes or snap your fingers and spin the planets without any constraints. All of that and more is possible thanks to Invision Education.

This interactive tool for VR education is designed to meet everyone’s demands. It encourages pupils to study more effectively by making the activity more attractive and provides a lot of fun while gaining new knowledge – much to the joy of professors.

The application for VR education is an opportunity for pupils to improve marks and lets teachers grab their students’ attention while unraveling mysteries of the world.

What’s important, Invision Education is aimed at schools all around the world. It could be easily translated into any language needed or work as a perfect language-learning app.

Thanks to our app for VR Education:

  • You can say ‘goodbye’ to boring lessons and classrooms filled with yawning. Nowadays many students have more experience with smartphones than with blackboards, so the usage of VR education is undoubtedly going to excite them!
  • It also decreases the number of time teenagers and teachers need to dedicate to studying – it provides benefits both in terms of health (no more sleepless nights and impaired concentration) and professional career.
  • Thanks to the increased productivity it is now easier to get a better grade and acquire a lot more important information. The days of sleeping while holding a book in the hand are now over!


VR Education: learn the difference

Learning is often a laborious activity – teenagers can vouch for that. Not only do they need to attend school where lessons are sometimes full of redundant information, but they also have to dedicate a lot of time at home to solve homework and acquire new information to pass many difficult tests.

Unfortunately, learning (and teaching) is associated with a few boring disadvantages that both pupils and teachers have to overcome:

  • spending a lot of time on preparing for the lesson
  • staying up late to prepare for exams
  • endure long hours of repeated materials in classrooms

Process and project scope



Invision Education contains a vast amount of knowledge, including astronomy, biology and geography. And that’s just the beginning. Moreover, you now have the opportunity to test your pupils’ knowledge by interacting with models, solving 3D puzzles, or answering tricky quizzes during the process of VR teaching. 


During the process of developing the app for VR education, we had to fix the programming code after the previous team – it contained a lot of errors and glitches, which made using the application annoying.

Another important issue was the technical specifications of Nibiru, which substantially restricted the quality of displayed content. There were also some difficulties in API management, related to the necessity of adding data by a third party.

Collaboration model

We’ve maintained regular contact with the client, updating the project’s status a few times a week via Skype and e-mail. However, as the project developed, communication developed into the everyday exchange of messages.

Once the project was reaching an important milestone, we went a step further, letting the client hire our devs until the next milestone – making him the owner of the product.

Technology stack

We were able to develop this astonishing application for virtual reality teaching thanks to the capabilities offered by the Unity engine.

The product is available on Oculus Go, Nibiru VR and Daydream.


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