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Established in Riyadh in 2010, the Saudi Energy Efficiency Center aims at rationalizing the production and consumption of energy in order to increase efficiency in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It also unifies both governmental or non-governmental efforts in this field. The organization wants to ensure continued growth and survival, without adversely affecting the welfare of citizens.


Saudi Energy Efficiency Center





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There is no better way to learn something than through an actual experience. And, since VR is capable of delivering lifelike experiences, a combination of educational value and VR technology brings the best possible results. The application we created helped the client achieve their goal of promoting social awareness in the field of rationalization and efficiency of energy consumption. The land transportation sector in Saudi Arabia suffers from excessive fuel consumption.

Our VR driving simulator is in line with the client’s objective of spreading a culture of energy consumption rationalization in general, and fuel consumption rationalization in particular.

The real-life challenges in Saudi Arabia that the VR driving simulator addresses are as follows:

  • Low fuel prices minimize consumers’ interest in fuel consumption rationalization.

  • Low efficiency of currently used vehicles – consumers in Saudi Arabia prefer big engine vehicles, regardless of actual needs, and regardless of fuel consumption standards and efficiency.

  • Unavailability of comfortable, high-quality public transportation alternatives and means, as well as the lack of fast and convenient railway connections between cities.


VR driving simulator: Show people how to enjoy their cars responsibly

The client needed a VR driving simulator that would draw attention to the issue of car use, as well as highlight the ways to use cars responsibly/economically, through entertainment. The idea was that users should impersonate supercar drivers who can verify their driving skills when bypassing various obstacles.

The client’s mission states: Preserving the national wealth of energy sources in a way that supports the national economy and forces. The organization focuses on building awareness of the conscious and rational use of energy resources, on both micro and macro scale. The educational aspect is very important here, as well as the objective of presenting actual effects of negligence in this area.

For this reason, the client wanted to use VR technology, where users acquire practical knowledge through a gameplay experience.

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