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Taskoob is a team of software engineers, technology enthusiasts and creative designers. Their portfolio includes mobile device apps aimed at people practicing sports as well as puzzle games. The company wanted to broaden its horizons by adding virtual reality games to its offer. We were tasked with developing a VR darts battle game for them.

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Taskoob Inc. 


Software for mobile devices


Software development
Game design


Unity, C#, Meta Quest

Project overview

This VR darts battle game is based on the classic game of darts. The gameplay revolves around going down from all points to 0.

Users can choose from two modes: a training game where they can throw selected darts at the target without points and tournament matches where they compete for virtual coins and trophies.

Losing a tournament match will result in losing trophies while playing with a friend follows the same rules as a tournament match but without the addition and subtraction of trophies.

project overview

Visual results video




Developing a VR darts battle game for the Quest headsets presents two key design challenges. The first is achieving app stability at 72 FPS, a requirement by the Oculus Store. To achieve this, we had to optimize the game’s graphics, assets, and code while maintaining visual quality.

The second challenge is developing a natural hand position that enhances the feel of throwing darts. This requires accurate hand-tracking technology, consideration of the dart’s weight and feel, and comfortable throwing positions for all players.


Business Value

Darts Battle VR is a multiplayer game in which two players compete with each other through VR goggles. The game itself will be free, but it will include the option to buy virtual currency (coins) through which you can buy new types of darts or additional bonuses while playing online.

The main goal of the game is playing tournaments, where you’re able to advance and climb higher and higher on the leaderboard.

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Process and project scope


In this project, we created the 3D environment, and designed the UI and UX, avatars, animations and other visual effects. We also worked on the gameplay and shaders. Dart game 3D assets were bought from the Unity Asset Store.


Communication with the client took place in the form of daily reports on Discord. We also contacted each other biweekly for sprint review and planning and our client had live access to data about the project on Confluence.

Professional driving simulator with hardware 2

Technology stack

The target device in this project was the Meta Quest 2 VR headset. We developed the software in Unity and used Photon for the multiplayer features. Plastic was used for version control. Sentry and Jenkins were two more tools we utilized.

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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