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The Icelandic branch of SOS Children’s Villages, known as SOS Barnaþorpin, has been operating in Iceland as an independent supporting association since 1992. The institution supports children without parental care, and those at risk of losing it, through innovative and effective partnerships with donors, communities, governments and other organizations.


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Encourage people to take to charitable activity

The client asked us to develop a VR charity app, the main purpose of which was to redirect users to a subpage where donations can be made. Users were to be offered the option to go directly from the application to the client’s website, where they could choose their country and make a donation.

In the case of users living in Iceland, the application was to detect their location and display a phone number they could call, which would result in their user account being debited and a donation made in this form.

Process and project scope

Dynamic response is everything, planning is nothing

Applications being designed in today’s dynamically developing world, where nobody knows what the situation will look like in a few years’ time or how life in difficult regions is going to change, must be flexible to the maximum possible extent.

Business value

Raising public awareness and sensitivity

Most importantly, such apps allows institutions and organizations to reach out to the general public with very important information about the situation in various parts of the world, as well as about the possible actions that a given institution/organization takes to actively counteract them. This is precisely the case with the app we developed for SOS Children’s Villages.

Applications such as this one, which at the same time are conscious actions aimed at building public awareness of difficult topics, fulfil many important functions, such as:

  • sharing information / materials showing the true image of places or situations that require intervention / assistance;
  • optimizing communication by narrowing it down to specific issues;
  • allowing specific actions to be carried out, instead of a purely theoretical consideration of a given problem;
  • raising sensitivity by showing an average person something they have been unable to imagine so far.
Technology stack

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