A journey beyond imagination. Our challenge was to create VR stories based on some of the most interesting biblical accounts. Through the application, the user can see and learn the story from a first person perspective.

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Business value

Outstanding journey to the past

This project is a perfect example of interactive storytelling. Biblical stories are important to our cultural heritage. The fact that we can see them in VR technology is wonderful. Thanks to this, everyone can freely view the locations described in selected stories and see how they most likely looked.

The VR Bible stories project is not about killing the imagination, it’s about expanding our knowledge and it’s its biggest value. Education and immersion.



A journey beyond imagination

The Bible is one of the most recognizable and respected books in the world. While reading it, many of us might find it difficult to imagine those ancient places and events. However, we can solve this problem by transferring those situations and sceneries to virtual reality. We can map locations based on descriptions and various archaeological studies.

Our client wanted to create a set of VR Bible stories based on accounts from the Holy Scriptures. The key issue was to model the surroundings in a way consistent with the historical truth.

Process and project scope


Thanks to the VR Bible stories application, we can see and experience accounts related to the birth of the nation of Israel. Thanks to the VR part, we can take it in from a first-person perspective, freely explore the surroundings and truly experience what the characters described in the Old Testament went through.


Imagination is a beautiful feature. We create images in our mind, based on information that is already in our memory and we try to adapt them to new situations.

But what if the descriptions are not enough or we do not have any reference points? We can look for current photos, films or accurate descriptions… Or create a 3D environment that can be an exact representation of the place from several thousand years ago and let you explore the VR Bible stories once again!


Both the topic and the whole project were very important for the client. It can be said that he had a very personal attitude towards them, which is why proper communication and understanding were crucial for us.

Getting to know the historical context and archaeological research was very important. All this had a huge impact on the final appearance of the whole experience. The idea was to allow you to be in a realistically rendered environment that is consistent with historical truth.


Technology stack

The best of VR technology in the service of historical education

The project was developed using Unity 3D. Characters were modeled with Maya software and models of buildings were prepared in 3ds Max. 


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