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3D Tree Visualization

Magura National Park is located in the south-east of Poland: between the Eastern and Western Carpathians. The majority of the Park is forest. Its authorities wanted our VR/AR studio to develop a tree visualization, which let its visitors explore the life cycle of a single tree.


Magura National Park


National Parks


3D animation

Tree visualization


Unreal Engine 4

Quixel Suite


To walk in nature is to witness a thousand miracles

Have you ever wondered what a tiny seed has to do to become a tree? Or did you know that tree grows from the outside and the top up? Thanks to our tree visualization you can witness the miracle of life by simply enjoying fascinating short film made by our studio.

  • one of the main problems our customer faced was a huge amount of time, needed for recording a whole process of tree growth in real time. Depends on the species, woody perennial plants can grow from 15 to even 100 years
  • another point is a constant need of switching the angles of used cameras, followed by necessity to bring equipment higher every year.
Process and project scope

Tall as a tree

Business value

Don’t destroy..enjoy!

National parks provide a safe home for native plants and animals. They help keep the air and water clean. Their mission is also to promote environmentally-oriented attitudes such as life in harmony with nature or hike responsibly. Thanks to our tree visualizations whole classes can follow an exciting transformation from a little seed to the massive tree in no time!

  • prevent school (and many other) trips from leaving the hiking trail, which could have a devastating impact on local flora
  • save time and money needed for the tree growth recording. The whole process lasts from 15 to 40 years! (and many, many more for redwoods like Sequoia)
  • show the entire life cycle in just few minutes, improving mood by a few adjustments of weather or camera angle
Technology stack
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