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The person behind Van Tol Media’s business is Remmelt van Tol – freelance digital strategist. The initiative established in 2013 has mostly been active within the pharmaceutical OTC sector. In 2015, van Tol also worked on a startup called Timit, which competed with Snapchat and Instagram Stories for venture funding.


Van Tol Media


Advertisement Pharmacy


AR app design 3D modeling


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Business value

An AR app that provides real-life relief

The application we created supports the client’s marketing activities through the use of new technologies. As the app can only work with a specific product, an increase in its sales has been assumed. As part of the promotional campaign, customers can use the product (sore throat lozenges) to launch the AR advertising application when they feel that something is wrong with their throat. After pointing the camera at the button, the picture is recognized, an alarm siren turns on, the button animation starts and the user presses it by touching the screen. At this point, the user can order a box of lozenges straight to his or her home. This is a really clever marketing campaign. The app marks an innovative way to share information on a particular topic through interactive AR technology. Instead of direct advertising, it pictures the manufacturer as the one who builds awareness of a specific issue with the use of new technologies. In fact, any industry that would want its customers to have access to additional information related to a product or a company, and to present it in an interesting and unique way, could find this type of AR advertising app very useful.

Provide a technological answer to a burning question

The client needed an AR advertising application that would perfectly complement the process of marketing sore throat lozenges. The augmented reality app we were to create was to use a specific image or object and then to perform a series of actions in relation to that object. In this particular case, there were 3 target images: two different boxes and a “stop” button.

Access to additional information included in the app was to be possible only when the user had the box of lozenges in front of him or her. The box was to become a marker that would activate the AR advertising app. Furthermore, after scanning the box an animated guy was to pop up and provide comprehensive answers to the user’s questions.

Process and project scope

Sprinting to alleviate a sore point

Technology stack

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