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Fishermen Labs is a dedicated product development company based in Los Angeles. It is a digital agency that specializes in scaling products to millions of users. The company is aware that understanding data is as important and oftentimes synonymous with understanding the customer. Data affects everything people do today – from product decisions to the way we think about marketing.


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VR Multiplayer

3ds Max


HTC VIVE / Samsung Gear VR

Unity 3D


VR Multiplayer

There is no doubt that multiplayer has introduced a whole new level of engagement to the game. If we combine it with VR, we are already a step away from the virtualization of our body and becoming a part of the game.

The client wanted to develop the VR multiplayer application in which mobile players and PC players can meet in a virtual world to face different (profoundly immoral and malevolent) enemies!

Process and project scope

Fight your enemies

Business value

Multiplayer in virtual reality is definitely the future of entertainment

The first-person view, when your friend is standing next to you and fighting side by side against the upcoming wave of opponents, is simply amazing. Technological solutions that constitute invaluable know-how. VR multiplayer developed by our studio is a great app for events and industry events.

Technology stack

Amazing Technology Stack

We have prepared the VR multiplayer app in the Unity 3d engine, with a multiplayer focus. Graphic works created in 3ds max.

Visual results gallery

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