The Eternal Planet is a shared virtual world where users can dedicate natural objects, wildlife and unique monuments to their loved ones to memorialize them in a timeless space. It is also possible to see dedications created and shared by others. Thanks to our outstanding work everyone can appreciate their loved ones in a brand new way – one that is more in line with our current digital lifestyle.

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The Eternal Planet



Funreal industry

Virtual world


3D modeling / UI

3ds Max


Mobile / VR standalone

Unreal Engine 4



Attract a business angel

In the end, it all came down to creating a virtual world optimized for display on different devices. Of course, this was a very complicated process.

Our task and biggest challenge was to prepare elements of the world that would significantly affect its aesthetics and help the client find a source of financing.

Process and project scope


The entire world is connected to an appropriately designed and stylishly dim UI. In this way, users can easily choose an object, engrave a sentence of their choice on it and place it in the shared virtual world of The Eternal Planet.


The client wanted us to first get familiar with the vision of the place they wanted to create. Actually, there were also some personal stories involved.

Another thing was to systematize the development plan for the entire world and select its most representative areas. We wanted to focus our development efforts there in the first place, as they were of the essence for the client. That is why our first steps were focused on creating “memory locations” and a consistent user interface.


The work that the client required from us concerned mainly graphical works and preparation of appropriate blueprints that would allow customization of the elements delivered as part of the application.

Each task was so short that the client was able to follow the progress practically every single day and accept the items we were delivering on an ongoing basis.


The very idea of creating a virtual place where people can commemorate the ones important to them and share keepsakes is certainly important for many of us. The client was looking for an investor, but we had been already able to help them realize their vision.


Business value

A perfect fit for eternity

Apart from the whole idea of creating such a virtual place, it should be noted that our work was primarily aimed at increasing the artistic value of the objects available to users. We managed to achieve very good quality and optimize the objects to such an extent that standalone VR devices and mobile devices can handle them without the slightest problem.

The elements we designed are fully compatible with the world created by the client. In addition, it is also possible to fully customize every item. For example, the content of an engraving visible on it, or a considerable number of other parameters.

We also optimized them for various devices without loss of quality and provided users with the possibility of customizing selected elements. Ultimately, we created a UI that is a perfect fit for the entire virtual world and experience the client created. Apart from all that, our activities were also intended to help the client find a potential investor.

Technology stack

Remembrance perpetuated forever

The application was developed using Unreal Engine 4. All the graphical elements were created with Photoshop, Maya and 3ds Max.

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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