Tipitap is a promoter, educator and creator of applications that introduce a new quality in early education. The venture believes that mobile devices are a key force in generating quality education for all young children. The key is to understand the needs of young kids, their parents, and teachers.

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Business value

Entertainment and medicine combined for the well-being of children

We managed to create an innovative product that combines the fields of medicine and virtual reality. The VR vaccination app is easy to use and effective. All activities related to giving an injection are reflected in the virtual world and they affect the avatar displayed on the screen.

The difference, however, is that these virtual activities are of a positive nature. The child is looking forward to the end of the tale and it is his or her curiosity that lets them go through the injection-related activities without stress.

Adults understand the world better and are willing to accept unpleasant experiences for the sake of their health, for example. Children, on the other hand, demonstrate a different type of sensitivity and perception of reality. But thanks to the magic of VR, we can turn a difficult situation into a magnificent adventure.

Although this was not the main goal of the project, such undertakings usually prove very useful by strengthening a company’s positive brand image.


De-stress children visiting the doctor

Vaccinations and other forms of injections are traumatic experiences for many children. So why not use VR to make them bearable, or even turn them into exciting adventures?

We know for sure that the process of immersing children in the virtual world is almost instantaneous. This can offer numerous benefits for a relatively short activity like giving an injection. Martin de Santos and Rod Benadon from Tipitap wanted us to create a VR vaccination app that would aim at reducing stress and pain in children when getting vaccinated.


Process and project scope



The SuperKid VR vaccination app is intended for Samsung Gear VR devices (admin + user) and it is therefore very handy. The child enters a fantasy world where his or her attention is engaged through a captivating story. Of course, both the graphic design and the plot also represent an appropriate level, adequate to the stage of a given child’s development.


The VR vaccination application had to be in line with the client’s mission of harnessing the strong attraction devices hold over kids and using that energy to help children explore and learn in fun ways.


This was not a first-time collaboration with Tipitap. We have already established reliable communication channels before, and we knew each other’s style of working. While discussing the project, we prepared a solid backlog, which was then expanded with a few small items as the development progressed. The last phase of the project was the implementation of a musical layer and professional VO recordings delivered by Tipitap.

Technology stack

The world of injections seen through “rose-colored” Gear VR spectacles

This VR vaccination app was developed in Unity 3D. The user (patient) wears Samsung Gear VR glasses, and the application scenario – which is connected with the specific steps during the injection process – is navigated through the nurse’s mobile device. In this way, we have the app’s Admin and User profiles.

Tech stack for VR/AR project at 4Experience

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