The client was a startup from Houston Texas which wanted to enter the virtual reality space. They wanted to open a services firm that would provide outsourcing services to companies in the USA.

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Innovative solutions for technology

Our customer’s interest in virtual reality meant that they wanted to create a product. At the time, the creation of services based on VR technology was dynamically developing in the areas of entertainment, including the gaming market.

The client’s intention was to create an immersive VR spaceship game that would allow him to better understand the technology and the market associated with it.

The main goals of developing this product were:

  • creating addictive gameplay showing the immersiveness of virtual reality experiences

  • publishing the game on the Steam VR platform

  • creating a movement system that is fun to use and doesn’t cause any nausea


Process and project scope


The client received a VR game, the length and mechanics of which were optimized to the player’s capabilities. In the context of movement and interaction, we used everything that the best VR glasses allowed.

Stages are generated randomly and become more complex over time. We find ourselves on a spaceship and try to figure out what actually happened. Of course, we have a weapon and we meet terrifying creatures, which really makes an amazing impression in VR.


Several teams worked on the game. They were responsible for creating the script and plot, creating assets and enemies, animations, game mechanics, and music. We all worked in Agile methodology, which was the only sensible solution in this case.

In addition, everything had to be tested as often as possible so that at the end of each sprint we could provide the client with more game features.


The client, like us, is a fan of modern technologies and innovative solutions. This made the process of creating the game very pleasant but difficult. After discussions about the general idea of the game, we started creating the concept graphics and a story. We decided that each of the stages will be generated randomly, which will diversify the entire game.

After collecting the references, we were able to proceed. It was certainly a big challenge to be able to randomly generate stages, but it was a decisive factor evoking this title and it had to be implemented.

Technology stack

The game made for VR devices is available through the STEAM platform.

The project was created in Unity 3D, we used Maya, 3ds max, zBrush for graphic works.

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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