Fishermen Labs is a dedicated product development company based in Los Angeles. It is a digital agency that specializes in scaling products to millions of users. The company is aware that understanding data is as important and oftentimes synonymous with understanding the customer. Data affects everything people do today – from product decisions to the way we think about marketing.


Fishermen Labs


Mobile development


Rescue mission

Code review


Unity 3D



Disaster happens

During the update of one of the applications, it turned out that various elements of the application stopped working. The application was built in Unity 3D and operated based on Vuforia. Time was counting, because the company that had previously done the applications did not undertake this work, and it was very important for the customer that his product would be regained fitness and its operation was flawless.

Process and project scope

The positive impact of VR

Business value

Building the trust

For any company that releases its products on the market, it is important that they operate without any problems. It builds trust in the brand and creates loyal customers. Our guarantee is that the customer receives applications updated and tested by a professional company.

Technology stack

Amazing Technology Stack

The application was prepared in Unity 3D and works based on Vuforia. Additional graphic works were done in Maya and zBrush.


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