SPETECH is an international industrial sealing systems manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. It delivers high-quality, bespoke and innovative products worldwide. The company pays close attention to the quality of the production process, in accordance with European standards and regulations. One of the company’s priorities are new technologies.

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Business value

An innovative way to present products

We managed to build a positive brand image through new technologies. If customers can take the app with them and use it to learn something new – we have a win-win situation.

The second important thing was that we showcased an entire range of digital representations of products that can be freely rotated and scaled. Access to their technical documentation was also provided. Industrial seals are big, heavy and complex devices. Therefore, it is much easier to take with you a device with the bespoke AR marketing app installed on it than a bunch of actual products.

Another important thing is that the modern design of the AR marketing app corresponds with the company’s image. Augmented reality, which works on the basis of a marker (i.e. an object or sign chosen by the manufacturer – in this case, the LOGO) allows displaying any additional content on the screen of a mobile device. In this case, we are talking about additional promotional activities that are particularly well-suited for trade fairs and industry events.


Present the products the way they deserve it

The client needed an AR marketing app that would be useful not only for the company’s representatives but also for customers wishing to familiarize themselves with the company’s products.

The client prefers modern technological solutions that correspond with the innovative model and policy conducted by the company. It is vital for the client to support their business operations with new technologies like VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality). Thanks to the advantages of mobile applications enabling easy and interesting access to the specifications of many products, these technologies have become an important element of the company’s marketing and sales activities.


Process and project scope



This AR marketing app uses a custom trigger image to display the content. After pointing the camera at the selected image, the application displays products and a navigation menu (UI). In this case, we see exact 3D models of the client’s industrial sealings, with the option to maneuver and calibrate them freely, and even to break them down into individual pieces.


We used Scrum with weekly sprints, but the client required permanent insight into the modeling process. In this way, they were able to correct technicalities of the seals and the appearance (color, shade, texture) of the materials we used. We also organized regular feedback sessions, as a result of which improvements were constantly being made to the project.


The team worked on the basis of reference materials received from the client (technical documentation of various sealing systems) to create highly detailed 3D models complete with animations. Then, we created an AR mobile app with a modern UI, which was to display selected models when the user scans a trigger image.

Technology stack

Vuforia inside, customers’ euphoria outside

This augmented reality application was created using Unity 3D and Vuforia, thanks to which it was possible to recognize the trigger image (the manufacturer’s logo). During the modeling stage, we used 3ds Max.

This blend of cutting-edge technologies allowed us to present our client’s customers with a one-of-a-kind AR industrial experience.


Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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