Our client in this project was doctor Andrzej Chmiel – head of the innovative Pracownia Psychologii i Coachingu VR©, which is an institution from the field of psychology and coaching. The only one in Poland that extensively uses virtual reality.

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Pracownia Psychologii i Coachingu VR





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Enhance research and help patients recover

We had to prepare an application that would be convergent with the client’s assumptions and research. This VR application should do two major things: allow to gain more information about Andrzej Chmiel’s theses and help patients recover.

VR applications in the field of medicine are a very valuable source of information on the prevention, treatment or rehabilitation of specific diseases or dysfunctions. If they are properly prepared, they constitute a great tool that makes it possible to significantly shorten the time of rehabilitation or full recovery.

Process and project scope



The entire project consisted of combining VR with AR and physical objects that patients were to keep in their hands. By making moves (forcing their body to be active through an engaging game), they have an influence on what is happening in the virtual world.


It was a very close cooperation between us and the client. We knew the general assumptions, but we did not know the client’s vision of the final product. That is why our work was based on testing and consulting with the client the functionality and appearance of the application on a regular basis.


Research does not have to be complicated to provide valuable results. Sometimes it is enough to focus on a selected area of human activity and try to improve it. When we got to know what the client’s research goals were and we got to know the method that he wanted to use, it was easier for us to create the required product.

Business value

Playful rehabilitation

It is much easier to involve people in the rehabilitation process when you are encouraging them to play. What can we achieve in this particular case and for other virtual reality applications in medical areas?

Technology stack

Perception of… augmented reality

For the purposes of this project, we combined several technologies that allowed the patients to have the appropriate perception of reality and freedom of movement, and experience augmented reality, which allowed to interact with the displayed objects.


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