Humoud Alsaleh – is a computer engineer who has a passion for Software Engineering and IT Security.

Our concept is to provide the best possible quality, also when we talk about VR consulting services. Each solution made by the 4Experience team is thoroughly tested so that we can be sure that it meets the client's requirements.


Humoud Al Saleh


Computer engineering

Software engineering


C# mastery


Oculus Rift / Orion VR

Unity 3d


VR consulting in progress: updating the project

The client was looking for an experienced Unity3D developer who will help him update his app. The client’s project stopped working when the new software was released (Oculus Rift DK2, Leap Motion VR, and Unity3D). In addition, the customer wanted to change the device from Leap VR to Orion VR. The whole project run in Windows and it was coded in C#.

Process and project scope

The positive impact of VR

Business value


Maintaining a working product, on newer versions of software or newer devices, is not a simple matter. It is worth taking care of the appropriate code architecture and documentation that allows you to predict and plan such work.

Thanks to our activities, the client received a refreshed and modernized application, expanded with additional functionalities. From the business point, such activities are very valuable.

Technology stack

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