Our client, Humoud Alsaleh, is a computer engineer who has a passion for Software Engineering and IT Security.

Our concept is to provide the best possible quality at any time. This also applies to VR consulting services. Each solution made by the 4Experience team is thoroughly tested so that we can be sure that it meets the client’s requirements.

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Humoud Al Saleh


Computer engineering

Software engineering


C# Mastery


Oculus Rift / Orion VR

Unity 3D



VR consulting in progress: updating the project

The client was looking for an experienced Unity 3D developer who would help him update his app. Our client’s project stopped working when the new software was released (Oculus Rift DK2, Leap Motion VR, and Unity3D). In addition, the customer wanted to change the device from Leap VR to Orion VR. The whole project was run in Windows and coded in C#.

Process and project scope


The project worked with Unity3D v4.6.2, Leap Motion v2.2.2 and Oculus Rift Runtime v0.4.3. These were outdated versions and our client wanted the software to work with the latest available systems.

Pieces of Arabic in the code were a big challenge, but we also had to deal with that. After updating the software, the next step was to fix the code. The rescue mission – and our VR consulting service outcome – was a double success.


There are situations when a project that has not been worked on for a long time has to be revived for one reason or another. However, there are several obstacles. There might be no documentation, the engine version and plugin may have changed and the programmer who made the project is sometimes no longer in range. The worst part is when a project doesn’t work after running it in an updated environment.

Luckily, in this situation, you can simply reach out to our skilled developers offering proffessional VR consulting services in a flash. Our job is to fix this. We will read the code and decide how to approach the client’s new requirements regarding the application.


Usually, the most difficult part of such projects is to restore all functionalities that the application had before it stopped working. Proper communication during our VR consulting services is the key to success. We base our tasks on what we hear from the client and on the information derived from the software’s code.

It is worth being aware that each time you interfere with the application code, it involves the necessity of many further changes. It’s much easier to write an application from the beginning. In this case, it was not possible, but valuable customer tips and experience allowed planning and implementation of rescue operations.


Business value

A refreshed, updated and more functional app

Maintaining a working product, on newer versions of software or newer devices, is not a simple matter. It is worth taking care of the appropriate code architecture and documentation that allows you to predict and plan such work.

Thanks to our activities, the client received a refreshed and modernized application, expanded with additional functionalities. From the business point, such activities are very valuable.

Technology stack

The project was developed using Unity 3D and C# Mastery. This was dictated by the form of the initial project.


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