Prefabricated Building 3D Configurator

The client’s company is a manufacturer of ready-to-assemble garages and houses. They have produced and delivered buildings to many northwestern European countries for several decades.

Since 2020, the client’s company has collaborated with partners through a franchise model in various European countries.

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Project overview

project overview

This prefabricated building 3D configurator allows users to create their own house or garage project based on pre-designed templates that vary in the number of floors or, in the case of garages, the type of shelter. Users can personalize their projects in virtually every aspect. Once the project is prepared, users can view and navigate through it using a first-person perspective. 

Additionally, a selected group of business users save specially prepared houses as templates for marketing purposes, offering insights into the available options and implementation capabilities. On the backend, the application can list and calculate the quantity of materials required for building such a house and generate construction plans.

MissionOne helicopter interior
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Interior Design

Business value

Our innovative prefabricated building 3D configurator represents a game-changing solution that offers substantial value to both our client and its customers. This application revolutionizes the way we approach the design and construction process, resulting in a range of significant business benefits:

Enhanced Customer Experience: Our application empowers customers to visualize and customize their dream homes and garages with ease. This hands-on experience fosters a stronger emotional connection with the project and increases customer satisfaction.

Efficient Collaboration: For business clients, the application streamlines collaboration with potential customers. It enables them to create, modify, and fine-tune project designs in real-time, simplifying the process of generating accurate construction proposals.

Marketing Advantage: The ability to save and showcase specially designed houses as templates provides a powerful marketing tool. This allows the client to demonstrate its capabilities, attract new customers, and promote its offerings effectively.


Streamlined Material Estimations: The application’s backend functionality calculates precise material requirements, reducing waste and cost overruns. This results in improved cost control and project profitability.

Accelerated Decision-Making: With realistic 3D visualizations and detailed construction plans generated by the application, decision-making becomes quicker and more informed. This expedites the entire project lifecycle.

Competitive Edge: Embracing technology to offer personalized, interactive design experiences sets our client apart from competitors. This application positions the company as an industry leader committed to innovation.

Increased Sales and Revenue: By simplifying the design and collaboration process, our client can attract more customers, close deals faster, and expand its market share, ultimately leading to increased revenue.

Sustainability Benefits: Accurate material estimations contribute to more sustainable construction practices by reducing unnecessary resource consumption and waste.



As we developed this application, we encountered several notable challenges. However, our dedication and expertise allowed us to address these obstacles while successfully creating a truly exceptional product.


  • Platform Synchronization Challenge:
    • Each release covers four platforms, necessitating synchronization when switching versions due to store management (Android and iOS). The entire operation must be executed as quickly as possible to minimize end-user downtime.
  • Complex Restriction Compliance:
    • The restrictions are highly complex and must adhere to proper house construction procedures.
    • There is a need to maintain two different versions: a standard one and a business version with fewer limitations, which employees use.
  • Franchise Compatibility Requirement:
    • The applications operating within the franchise system must be compatible with each other.
    • Changes in parameters within one franchise, such as material prices or transportation, on the backend should not affect the others.
  • User-Generated Technical Drawings:
    • The prefabricated building 3D configurator can generate technical drawings of buildings based on models created by the user.
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Exterior Design

Technology stack

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

This prefabricated building 3D configurator is a multiplatform app working on standalone PCs and mobile devices with Android and iOS, and also on Meta Quest 2, where the user can explore the project. It is also working in web browsers (webGL)

The development technologies and tools we used include the Unity engine, C#, Drupal and LUA. Our Art Team worked mostly with Blender and Photoshop Illustrator to deliver dedicated 3D models. To create the UI, we used Figma.

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