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Van Tol Media’s main business activity falls within the field of digital strategy. Established in 2013, the initiative has mostly been active in the pharmaceutical OTC sector. The enterprise’s mission statement says: “We are a media consultancy firm that does not pretend to have guts but shows what having guts is.” Well put, no doubt.


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Make number two number one entertainment

This project was actually the most unwonted of all. In essence, it was to make the process of getting a weight off one’s… mind (number two, to be precise) more attractive and fun.

The client asked us to prepare a special animation, with the intention to use it as part of a crowdfunding campaign. The application was supposed to encourage people to invest in the game that the client was going to create. The budget was quite small, and the animation itself was prepared using 2D technology partially combined with 3D.

Process and project scope

The guts of the game

Business value

An ingenious addition to an otherwise humdrum task

There are several benefits of creating a game (MVP) for a crowdfunding platform, including:

  • If the application corresponds to the solutions provided by the company, we have a perfect case study, which can be shown to clients.
  • Preparing a campaign for crowdfunding portals is difficult, as it requires a lot of work and learning about many formal and informal factors that affect its effectiveness.
  • Such knowledge and experience are both very valuable, especially for a person who operates within the broadly understood field of marketing.
Technology stack
Visual results video

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