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US Bank



Banking and finance

Customer service


VR simulation development

UI/UX design


Samsung Gear VR

Unity 3D

Visual results video

Business value

The virtual reality app provides tangible customer experience improvement

We developed a pleasant and visually attractive office space looking like a neat and friendly bank interior. The application was used internally and presented to the company’s management as evidence of the benefits that VR in banking can bring to the table.

We have proven that, by preparing an entire platform as a comprehensive solution, it is possible to save time, increase satisfaction and improve the efficiency of training. After all, participants remember the most if they can experience something, instead of just hearing it or reading about it. Employees are able to practice independently of time and place, in an engaging and innovative way. The application can be easily extended with new products and personality types.

Working on this project we managed to:

  • bring the board of directors around to our solution
  • increase the general interest in training
  • deliver a solution based on relatively cheap and easy-to-use equipment which is small and mobile at the same time


Show the employees the ropes of client-product matching

The client was looking for new methods of training, checking on and engaging their employees through the use of new technologies and the advantages resulting from them. Implementing VR in banking was the perfect solution!

The company wanted to teach their employees serving individual clients how to recognize different types of clients, match an appropriate way of communication with a given client to each client type, and to choose the right banking product for them.

The software solution was aimed at resolving challenges related to:

  • poor involvement of staff in the process of traditional training

  • unsatisfactory level of sales of banking products due to the employees’ problems with identifying the types of clients correctly

  • room for improvement in terms of customer experience


Process and project scope



This is a great example of the usability of VR in the baking sector! We created 6 different characters with different personalities, and the employees were to match them with six different products.

The appearance of each character was adequate to his or her position and social status. The speech recognition technology we employed enables users to select answers using their voices. In fact, we created a narrative, so that users do not need to read anything.


The client submitted materials related to the company’s current training courses. We analyzed them and proposed a scenario that conveyed the required message, taking advantage of our experience from previous training course developments.

The script passed through the hands of several managers and a lot of effort was needed to meet all the requirements, as different corporate levels paid attention to different aspects of the project. We can proudly say that this VR in banking project was our first and it successfully met our client’s expectations!


We delivered the results in the form of 2-week sprints, asking for regular feedback. The client checked on individual fragments and drew conclusions, immediately proposing changes we then took into account in the next stages of implementation (iterations).

Technology stack

Gear VR-based training application

Designed for Samsung Gear VR, the app is very responsive and easy to use. The team employed Unity 3D to provide an entertaining and game-like environment, in which employees can feel comfortable. The voice recognition service implemented in the app was done using API.IO, and the product’s jewel in the crown are its interactive avatars.


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