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Professional support in an educational project

The client was looking for professional support in an educational project. It was about improving and refining the application so that the user could learn about the Colorado River Aqueduct construction and system. Furthermore, the client wanted the virtual tour of the tank and pumping station to run smoothly, and disruptions in the sequence of transitions between views should be eliminated.

The user learns by listening to the recording at the same time seeing everything that is being talked about. Moreover, he can walk around the object and see the whole area as well as close up details. The auditory and visual experience is the perfect combination to help the user effectively remember information, which is important especially for educational projects.

Process and project scope


Our work was to improve the application so that the sequence of 360 views running through the entire process from the water intake, with its transfer from the aqueduct to cities, went smoothly for the users.


We prepared an application for the Daydream PixelPhone set. Our developers tested the application before handing it over to make sure everything worked properly.


We prepared a list of tasks to be performed together with the client. We met online regularly to provide information and update project data. Our team was available and answered all questions so that the client knew everything about the progress.


Business value

VR education: sound and visuals

The Colorado River Aqueduct is a 389 km water conveyance in Southern California in the United States, operated by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD).

With the educational app, people can see and hear about the aqueduct, they can find out how much work this system does to provide 19 million California residents with clean water. One of the purposes of the application was to increase people’s awareness of the importance of water in our lives and about the operation of systems that purify and deliver it to cities.

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