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LuxVirtual Project

Lux Virtual is a creative studio dealing with AR/VR in education, video production and animation. They specialize in the use of state-of-the-art techniques and tools, including virtual reality, Video 360. In addition, they deal with VFX and animation, meaning everything that a well-told story requires.







VR simulation development



Google Daydream / Cardboard

Unity 3D


Rescue mission

The client has an application framework which should be adapted to the appropriate platforms for iOS and Android. This is a VR education app that perfectly supports learning about water supply. Our job was to review the application and make the necessary changes to the code + prepare version for Google Daydream, Google Cardboard, and iOS, that will pass the store’s review without problems.

Making the most out of existing code and assets

  • writing the code in a way that assures maximum compatibility between both Android and iOS

  • introducing new models to the scene without adding too much strain on the GPU

  • resolving the issues around iOS constrains and making sure that the VR learning app works exactly as expected

Process and project scope

VR in education: Water supply

Business value


The customer receives applications checked by a professional VR company, along with tested builds.

It's good to have a helping hand

  • development issues left by the previous team were solved ably and in a timely manner

  • the team has added missing elements to the application in a consisten way

  • the store publisation process was handeled by our team and monitored for any requests comming from the AppStore's approval process

Technology stack

Amazing Technology Stack

The VR education application was prepared in Unity3D.

Visual results gallery
Visual results video

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