The University of Silesia in Katowice is one of the largest and most dynamically developing public universities in Poland. Founded in 1968, the university quickly established itself as a thriving academic center and an important interdisciplinary research hub.



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Kinect / XBOX 360

Unity 3D



Get visitors’ skills down to a fine art

The client needed an application that would allow people visiting an exhibition to interact with the artwork. The assumption was to involve people in the process of creating a work of art. After mimicking the coded gestures, the application would activate accordingly. Thanks to this feature, everyone was to be able to feel like an artist, if only for a moment.

Process and project scope


We developed and programmed specific gestures to allow the user to change something on the screen or activate relevant functions. In this way, when the user – standing in front of the screen – made an appropriate gesture with his or her hands, the application recognized it and launched a corresponding action. Here’s how all the fun began.


The project was not too complicated, for we got to know quite quickly the way the participants were to interact with the work of art. One could say that, as far as application development was concerned, it was a classic waterfall. We knew that there would be no major changes to the way the app works. Therefore, we wanted to bring the project to completion as soon as possible, so that there would still be time for any possible corrections.


Despite the fact that people working at the university are always very busy, communication concerning the project was very good. The solutions we proposed turned out to be exactly what the client expected and they met the initial requirements of the project.


Business value

Virtual craftsmanship combined with artistic mastery

Art has long gone out of its frames. Every now and then, artists keep exploring new areas in order to better express themselves and look for originality that creates a relationship between art and the modern world. In this case, the artist discussed the very concept of a creator or artist. And what about the works of art themselves?

Thanks to innovative ways of presenting works of art, the latter becomes more interesting, especially for young people. They perceive artwork as something fun and attractive. Such an approach encourages interaction and teaches people how to immerse themselves in new technologies. It definitely has a positive impact on the promotion of both art and the artist.

Technology stack

Kinetic art?

The entire application was compiled and developed with Unity 3D and works with the Kinect motion sensor.


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