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Adventure Multimedia Museums specializes in designing and creating museum exhibitions, tourist routes, theme parks and science centers. They do also care about maintaining a balance between multimedia innovations, classic exhibition solutions, artistry and utilitarianism as well as educational and entertainment character of a given undertaking.


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A bird's eye-view

Our client asked us to help them with their newest project: a movement-based (kinect) app, which was supposed to engage the little visitors of museum in Wroclaw. It was important to stick to the Museum's mission, challenging the way people think about the natural world: including its past, present and future.

As we all know, there is no better way to make kids interested than to introduce them to a tremendously exciting combination of games AND the newest technology. You can have fun playing on a standard stand or - equip a small device - and experience the exhibition with your whole body!

Process and project scope

Keep your head (and wings) above the clouds

Business value

Sky is the limit

An interactive stand is a fun and engaging way of transferring knowledge - with a little help of our own senses and muscles - directly into the visitors' heads. Being able to experience things on our own skin helps us to better understand the world, including the laws of nature - either the simplest or the most complex ones.

Here, for example, children can learn how much work does a little bird do to remain in the sky. This is a great introduction to lesson about the importance of taking care of wild animals (i.e. feeding, not abusing them).

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