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Fakro is an international corporation whose main activity is the production of wooden roof windows and aluminum-plastic windows, INNOVIEW vertical windows, skylights, attic stairs and various related accessories. Today Fakro is one of the most innovative and fastest-growing companies in Poland. This is demonstrated especially by the fact that it reaches for innovative promotional tools, including this AR experience.

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Business value

Consolidating the company’s leading position

The client is not only a dynamically developing and innovative company. It owes its success to careful and uncompromising promotion.

New technologies greatly contribute to the consolidation of the company’s leading position and engage its customers, while making the brand remembered and well-recognized. It is not just about branding, but about a real increase in brand and new product recognition, which translates into increased interest and sales.


Reflect a unique experience

On the occasion of promoting a new range of their INNOVIEW windows, the client wanted to supplement the activities with an application that would show a unique experience related to the product.

The graphic design, leaflets and posters that had already been prepared were to be supplemented with an application that the client’s customers would be able to install on their smartphones.


Process and project scope



After downloading the free application or scanning an appropriate QR code sent to the store, the client can install this lightweight application on his or her smartphone. It contains a module for selecting from among a dozen languages, along with appropriate branding and instruction manuals.

We assumed that not everyone may have access to the target image, which is why we decided to include it as an optional downloadable file. After pointing the smartphone camera to the appropriate object, an advertising animation is displayed.


When the client accepted new graphics for the promotion of their product, we introduced the necessary data to the application. An important element was to display the additional content in the right place – for example, an animation of a sliding window (and a fantastic view after opening it) had to be exactly in the place of a real window. The real and digital elements overlapped, creating an illusion that everything was happening in reality.


The project itself was not too big, but it required coordination of the developers’ work with the client and the creative agency. The communication flowed smoothly so we could plan sprints in which teams from both companies participated.

Everything was done in the spirit of Agile as the client needed to receive the tested application before a trade fair. The application had to be published in Google Play and App Store.

Technology stack

Automatic recognition

Strictly speaking, this is an augmented reality application that recognizes a specific type of graphics. On this basis, it displays its content. The app was prepared using Unity 3D based on Vuforia.


Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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