The VR Psychology and Coaching Laboratory uses the latest technologies related to virtual and augmented reality to support mental development and people condemned to isolation from real life, as well as reduce stress.

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VR & Rehabilitation

The client’s goal here was to use virtual and augmented reality to create tools that stimulate creativeness and describe difficult psychological states or situations in the form of stories. They wanted us to do it with a “touchable” physical object that the patient would hold in his hand and do various activities with it to help him describe his feelings.

Process and project scope


The patient, holding the physical cube, sees objects that are displayed on individual walls. By rotating the cube, we make the objects move as well, and new content appears when we look at another cube wall.


The application development process was divided into two stages. In the first one, all required application files along with mechanics were implemented. The next stages were tests and activities to optimize the emerging content if they were problematic to patients.


After tests, we picked the solutions that were closest to the desired result. AR cubes proved to be the best solution. Each of the walls made it possible to display a specific object that was to be universal enough to be able to be included in the story. We received sufficient substantive support in the context of content and objects necessary to implement – that’s all we needed.


Business value

Help for the patients

The client received an application that can be successfully used for the various activities in his studio. Such application – which is operating on the basis of a physical object – encourages patients to tell stories that often reveal true sources of their problems, constant stress or psychological disorders.

Thanks to the interactivity and uniqueness of used stories, it is possible to allow the patients to focus on performing activities – which increase level of confidence and honesty during therapeutic session.

Technology stack

Amazing Technology Stack

To prepare the application, we used Unity3D, Blender and Vuforia.


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