Drawer Pet

Take your AR pet with you everywhere!




Unity 3D, ARKit, 3D modeling + animations


Mobile Augmented Reality App


The customer is an international toy manufacturer who supports his promotional activities by adding mobile applications related to his products.


Client wanted an augmented reality Tamagotchi. The customer follows various technological innovations and decided that thanks to ARKit or ARCore framework it is possible to create a digital pet. You can call your digital pet with your smartphone and let him explore the places where you are.

Process and Project Scope

Collaboration Model

Due to the client’s area of activity, we decided that it would be best to prepare applications for ARKit. The target group that was to use the application was also important. It was not a surprise that these are mainly young people. Therefore, we had to choose the right animals, which will be the same as the products offered by the client. The application could not be difficult to use, but pleasant and engaging.

The client gave us all the information we need. We also proposed a part of the functionality that was important in terms of the construction and use of the application. We also proposed a graphic style that the client liked very much and a colorful and intuitive UI.


Very quickly we were able to establish key fits with the client, thanks to which a complete backlog for this application was created. That’s why we worked at Scrum, which was a pleasant surprise for the client when, after a week of development, he could start testing the working version of the application. In the remaining sprites, we added only the key functionalities.


Simply direct the phone to the chosen place and let your pet wander around the area. The three-dimensional pet walks in a place where we can kill him. We can play with him, stroke him, feed him or sleep. It’s amazing fun for the little ones.

Business Value / Outcome

Thanks to the AR application, the client received an unmatched promotional tool for his main business, very engaging and easy to use.

The presented application can very easily become a freemium product, where we can buy additional accessories.

The application helps in building a competitive advantage on the market,



Augmented reality is a term for technology that allows you to connect the real-world environment with the elements (sounds, videos, graphics or GPS data) generated by the computer. The assumption is that all digital elements should be interactive in real time and placed in 3D space. ARKit allows you to easily create unrivaled augmented reality experiences for your iPhone and iPad. By intelligently recognizing space, it allows you to combine digital objects and the real environment around you in completely new ways. ARKit uses:

Visual Inertial Odometry (VIO) it’s very precise feature to track the environment around it. So that no additional calibration is needed to build a simple application. It also has the ability to recognize flat surfaces and the amount of light in a room to ensure that your objects will be properly displayed in space and that they will have illumination adapted to the actual ambient conditions. All the additional features can be easily added using tools like Unity and Unreal Engine.