Diabetes AR app

Diabetes.co.uk is a community website focusing on providing a comprehensive, supportive and independent experience for visitors from across the world. The undertaking has developed into Europe’s largest community of people with diabetes and people without diabetes alike.







3d modeling




Unity 3D


The client has a web portal with a huge database of products and information about them.

Therefore, the client asked us to create an application that allows us to scan products during shopping – the application tells the user whether a given product is healthy and/or safe for health. A refrigerator icon appears next to a valuable product, a fridge appears, whereas a garbage can is displayed next to undesirable products, and the application additionally tells the user what is healthy and what is not: by clicking on the “fridge” you can find out, for example, how many calories a given product has.

Process and project scope

Make living with diabetes easier

Business value

Live healthy

The application perfectly fits into the area of healthy eating. It is both important for consumers who do not have time to browse product depots as well as for food producers. In the latter case, it is about proposing healthier substitutes. Customers of applications for which healthy eating is important will certainly be happy to see domain ads or suggestions for specific products.

Technology stack

Amazing technology stack

The augmented reality application has been prepared using Unity 3D

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