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3D modeling


ARKit/ARCore Unity 3D



Make building a shopping list with quality products more attractive

The client has a web portal with a huge database of products and information about them. We were asked to create an application that would tell the user whether a given product is healthy once he or she scanned it.

A refrigerator icon appears next to a valuable product, whereas a garbage can is displayed next to undesirable products. Additionally, the application tells the user what is healthy and what is not. By clicking on the fridge you can find out. For example, how many calories a given product has.

Process and project scope

Shopping is a process that we often do automatically. We choose products that we know, not necessarily those that are healthy. New technologies, such as augmented reality, can help us choose healthier alternatives.


The application uses AR to scan product codes that are in the store. The app recognizes a given product and its nutritional values. Next, it indicates whether the item is good for our health or not.


The client’s database had already contained most of the data necessary for the application to operate. This allowed us to focus on efficient use of this data and work planning. We were able to provide every major feature within a week, so we worked in weekly sprints. This allowed us to finish our work in 4 weeks.


The client had a huge database of products. The client’s domain knowledge allowed us to get answers to all the questions and determine the data that our application would need access to. Before we started the development, the client wanted us to prepare the UI of the app.


Business value

The application fits perfectly into the area of healthy eating. It is an important tool for consumers who do not have time to browse the product composition, as well as for food producers.

It can help food companies in offering healthier substitutes. The app users, people interested in healthy eating, will certainly be happy to get informative suggestions about different products.

Technology stack

The project was developed using Unity 3D. As an augmented reality application, it uses ARKit/ARCore as well.

Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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