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Deep Instinct

Deep Instinct creates software products for data security and endpoint protection. Deep Instinct is revolutionizing cybersecurity – harnessing the power of deep learning, with unprecedented prediction models that are designed to face the threats of tomorrow.


Deep Instinct





2D & 3D Space


360 HD video


Security of the future

The client needed a professional video that explains the operation of their product. The video was supposed to build the image of a super-modern approach to the issue of security. The video was supposed to be futuristic, but at the same time easy to understand. The video was to be posted on the client’s site and support the relevant descriptions.

Process and project scope

Modern protection of your data

Business value

Super-modern company

The video we created was supposed to build the image of a super-modern company with an innovative idea, which is able to influence the current status quo in the field of security. Thanks to our video, the client could use it not only on their website but also as marketing material on the Internet, posting it on YouTube and thus creating an additional sales channel for the company

Technology stack

Amazing technology stack

When you are creating a 360 HD video in 3D space that incorporates tons of special effects as both 2D and 3D elements, a number of problems arise. One is the power of the machine you need to use to be able to handle it. We used a PC with 64Gb of RAM and 2x GeForce 1080 GTX and it still needed about 15 hours to calculate 2 minutes long product. The other issue was the technical scope, number of programs and plug-ins needed to produce an animation of such quality. We used over 15 different software pieces to put this together.

Visual results video

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