We analyzed the client’s training materials and proposed a scenario taking advantage of our experience from previous training projects.
VR leadership training is an excellent tool that allows you to test stress resistance and see the effects of decisions in real time.

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Business value

Gear VR-based training application

Crisis situations occur in every profession. There are many businesses in which the reaction to the crisis is limited to the use of soft skills. However, there are many professions where these situations can have dangerous consequences or even pose a life threat.

In these cases, standards and instructions must be followed. In a well-defined work environment, it is possible to define a specific number of situations that may be related to the emergence of a crisis.


VR leadership training: an innovative way of training

Innovative VR tools are ideal for leadership and crisis management training in many places. VR leadership training allows you to implement a variety of different scenarios and practice skills in solving various types of crisis situations.

The software solution was aimed to resolve challenges related to:

  • prevention of crisis situations

  • preparing to take control on the basis of established actions

  • responding to emergencies

  • removing the effects of a crisis and recovering resources

Process and project scope



The client submitted materials related to the company’s current training courses. We analyzed them and proposed a scenario that conveyed the required message, taking advantage of our experience from previous training course developments


Anyone who dives into a detailed virtual environment quickly gets immersed. The player easily gets into the whole situation and can use his knowledge and experience to deal with the crisis situation.

VR leadership training is an excellent tool that tests resistance to stress and allows us to see the effects of decisions in real-time.

Technology stack

Our Amazing Work

To create the presented application we used Unreal Engine, which best reflected the realism of the surroundings.

The voice recognition service in the application has been made using API.IO, and the pearl in the product’s crown are its interactive avatars.


Unity - the main tool used by 4Experience

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