Bee VR

You may call it a Bee Simulator, but it's something more! It's enjoyable and fun game + remarkable experience of flying.


Yam Yam


Mobie App Development


VR bee game

3D modeling


Samsung Gear VR / Google Daydream

Unity 3D


Bee VR: Make the player busy as a bee

The client asked us to develop a VR game (for Gear VR and Google Daydream) in which the player would simply become a bee.

The game was to start inside a beehive, where players were to receive clearly defined options: what they can do and what they need to do, as well as how to do it. As a proper bee, they were to be able to land on a flower and collect pollen (a timer was required for the task).

The client expected us to prepare the entire VR Bee game graphic design in a nice and comic style.

Process and project scope

A hive of activity

Business value

The bee’s knees

Such an application is undoubtedly a very good form of additional promotion that helps a particular company to be remembered better. It is also offers exploration of new market trends and allows the client to check whether there is a demand for them.

Technology stack
Visual results video

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