You may call it a Bee Simulator, but it’s something more! It’s not only an enjoyable and fun game but also a remarkable experience of flying.

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The bee’s knees

Such an application is undoubtedly a very good form of additional promotion that helps a particular company to be remembered better. It also offers exploration of new market trends and allows the client to check whether there is a demand for them.


Bee VR: Make the player busy as a bee

The client asked us to develop a VR game (for Gear VR and Google Daydream) in which the player would simply become a bee.

The game was to start inside a beehive, where players were to receive clearly defined options: what they can do and what they need to do, as well as how to do it. As a proper bee, they were to be able to land on a flower and collect pollen (a timer was required for the task).

The client expected us to prepare the entire VR Bee game graphic design in a playful comic style.


Process and project scope



We developed a truly eye-catching game, filled with animations and music (for bees communicate through dance), in which players are able to look at the world from a bee’s perspective while collecting pollen from flowers.

The game is optimized for Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream devices.


We created a hive (including both it’s interior and exterior), with bees flying out and back into the hive in the background. The VR Bee simulator would be nothing without the Queen Bee – who also informs the player what to do. We also designed an entire garden of flowers and set the appropriate player perspective.

Seeing a backyard from that point of view was really amusing. It was very important for the VR Bee flight to be well designed because of the possibility of nausea. The main game mechanics actually come down to navigating and collecting pollen from flowers.


It is worth mentioning that Bee VR game was the first application for Google Daydream we have ever made. It actually happened right after the system had been announced. The big challenge was getting the right equipment, but everything went well in the end.

Besides, correspondence with a client from the IT industry is a lot simpler because both we and them usually use agile project management methods and similar tools. In addition, the app’s specification was very well prepared.


The idea of the Bee VR game was simple: start at your hive, go out and find flowers, collect pollen and return to the hive to make honey.

This application designed to increase engagement was also supposed to be used for customers appearing at industry events, where the app was supposed to become a great promotional element. After all, customers usually appear much more willingly at a stand where they can have some fun.

Technology stack

A smooth and joyful flight of the honeybee

The entire application was developed using the Unity 3D engine, based on materials supplied by the client. Of course, they have been modified to meet all of the client’s requirements. New animations and some models were added to make all components of the game consistent and enjoyable.


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