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Our client specializes in creating premium experiences for a wide variety of industries, from real estate to travel, industry to human resources, car dealerships to big brands. They required the development of an Augmented Routes app for one of their own client.






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All Augmented Routes lead to adventure

Augmented reality, unlike MR or VR, is fully accessible to anyone with a smartphone. As AR helps more travelers get around, it’s also presenting a huge opportunity to boost the entertainment value of travel attractions - beyond simply promoting a destination, it can help improve a visitor’s experience after arrival.

Augmented Routes is a perfect example of tourist guide app, allowing the user to check out not only the point of interest information traveling along the route but also admire the antique architecture or art pieces in an interactive manner.

Now, with AR apps that make tourist recommendations, directions and even language translations instantly pop up through your phone’s camera view, travelers have access to data about their new location right at their fingertips. For example, Augmented Routes does provide the user with valuable information on local restaurants, toilets, shops and bike parking spaces.


The many augmented routes of your area

The client wanted to create a tourist guide application with GPS based content reveal and rich AR interaction. Each point of interest should contain information about the location, animated AR models that can be placed in the environment, a knowledge quiz and marker detection for displaying portals to gaze inside the historic architecture.

The Augmented Routes app should download the route and point of interest data from a REST API and the content is managed through a web CMS.

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