Attack of the snacks

Our Client is a digital agency which specializes in scaling products to millions of users. The company is aware that understanding data is as important and oftentimes synonymous with understanding the customer. Data affects everything people do today – from product decisions to the way we think about marketing. That's why they decided to combine health and entertainment by creating VR food game.






VR game

3D modeling


HTC Vive/Oculus Rift

Unity 3D

Visual results video
Business value

The name of the game

It may sound strange, but customers often ask whether a given company has already released a game. Why? Because doing so shows a certain attitude of the company toward its customers, which is important from an economic point of view.

Gamification provides an excellent opportunity to promote and attract new customers. Apart from that, it also makes it possible to earn some extra money. And this is precisely what we managed to achieve with this VR food game. We were more than happy to meet the client’s expectations once again.


Defeat junk food before it defeats you!

The challenge was apparently simple, yet it involved quite a number of intricacies: prepare a funny and dynamic VR food game in which players would fight frightening junk food!

VR technology is growing rapidly, but it is still difficult to prepare a good game designed for VR devices. This problem is perfectly known to Fishermen Labs, who do not force players to spend long hours in the virtual world. Instead, the company focuses on entertainment, dynamics and fun.

Let us gear up for pure entertainment, for mixing it all up with pop culture will most definitely result a recipe for an explosive mixture!

Process and project scope

Creating VR entertainment is good fun in itself

Technology stack

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